Reblog: Summer Style Hacks 2017


Mabuhay! Are you guys still high on celebrating Mother's Day? Don't worry! You can always show how you love your mom by flaunting all the assets you got from her or you can even twin with her this upcoming weekend.
Let's begin the countdown, shall we? Here's to more twinning!

5. Mini Dress

A dress like this is perfect when going to the beach.
You may use it as a cover-up.

This dress is ideal for a Sunday brunch.

A dress like this is suited for girls night out at the beach.

Cebu ready outfit.

Just checking out some coffee shops around town outfit.

Model look at the mall.
Don't forget to wear shorts!

4. White T-Shirt

Since Philippines is a tropical country, the summer season is sometimes unbearable. However, wearing white shirt can suffice.

3. Shorts and Skirts

All set to hit the waves with this look.

With this comfortable outfit, you're prepped up to run any errand.

The movie date outfit.

An outfit like this is best for food tripping with the squad.

Ready for a long ride outfit.

Party with friends in Bora outfit.

2. Anything Off-Shoulder

Although off-shoulders can make you feel less hot, it's a great trick to hide your arms and under arms.

1. Anything Sleeveless

What's the best outfit to survive the extreme heat? Wear sleeveless!!

The beachy outfit.

Ready to dip in the pool outfit.

Tagaytay ready outfit.

I will travel to Baguio with this lazy get up.

The cool and laid back outfit.

I'll bring this outfit with me in Antipolo.
Pinto Art Museum? Yassss!

Sunday is family day. Lunch with the fambam look.

Time to shop! I'll definitely wear this in Bonifacio High Street.

High school reunion outfit.

Sunday mass outfit.
Hey, don't forget to wear cardigan!

The Tita's party outfit.

I hope you like it. Up until my next blog post!

All photos in this post are taken from Pinterest. Credits to the owners.


  1. Love all these great summer recommendations!


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