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I would wear this all day err day!

Have you ever wanted a pair that will surely look good on every outfit you would wear without sacrificing comfort? I know you do.

Introducing, Paez, an amazing canvas shoe brand from Argentina. Why amazing? Well, they believe that footwear makes a huge difference the reason why their products are comfortable, relaxing, and have free-living vibe. Click here to know more.

Their style and designs are brilliant. I am so fascinated with how almost every design they have can go with any outfit I would wear. Incredible, right? That's why I got one myself (you'll see it later).

I've been using it for a quite some time now and I really like it, it feels like I'm walking on air. Although Paez can be a bit pricey, the fact that wearing foot socks without worrying that it can be seen and ruined your look and that you can use it as a go-to shoes is totally worth it. Its price ranges from Php 1,999 - 2,995. Pretty cool, right?

Without further ado, here are some that I am eyeing and definitely would be investing next.

Eva- Birds (Php 1999)
Combi- Carmin (Php 2250)
Swimmers Yellow (Php 2250)
Surfy- Argentina (Php 2250)
Flow- Navy Natural Cork (Php 2495)
Raw- Classic (Php 2495)
Mesh Glitter- Black (Php 2495)
Tides- Lobster Red (Php 2895)

Want more? You can check out their whole collection here
or visit the store near you.

Mine is in Combi- Sand.

Thanks for reading! 😄

Some photos in this post are taken from Paez website and Facebook page, credits.

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